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Parent Holiday Fair

Come join us at the Parent Holiday Fair, PONTIAC ARTS CENTER, 47 WILLIAMS ST. PONTIAC, MI, Tuesday Dec. 12, 2017 5PM To 7PM

The Wellness Plan Dental Care Offerings

The Wellness Plan Medical Centers (TWP) announced the completion of a 2,500-square-foot renovation at its East Area Medical Center in Detroit, nearly tripling the patient capacity of the location's full-service dental suite.

Find out more information on our Community Events page.

Welcome to The Wellness Plan

It is the mission of the Medical Centers to excel daily in the delivery of premier health care, human and administrative services to both the Public and Private Sectors at an affordable cost.

The Medical Centers' primary goal is committed to increasing users, providers, and payors satisfaction by:

  • Providing quality medical care to our users, while making sure users receive relevant information about how to develop a "live and be well" healthy lifestyle.
  • Ensuring that employees and providers receive technical, managerial, and other resources to create a team environment of primary care providers who will deliver quality medical care in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Providing quality services that represent innovative solutions to the rising costs of all health care benefits programs, including programs enacted to aid the uninsured and under insured populations.
  • Providing responsive and personalized user friendly services with dignity and respect in a professional environment.
  • Providing new approaches to the challenge of ensuring that all citizens have access to affordable quality health care.
  • Providing quality health care services in a caring and compassionate manner, regardless of religious preference, ethnicity, culture, health condition, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, race, gender, or economic status.
  • Working collaboratively with other community based agencies and healthcare providers to ensure a continuum of care.
  • Cultivating relationships with physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other providers to improve and enhance the delivery of health care services.
  • Succeeding as a business enterprise to fulfill the objectives of our mission.
  • The health and wellness of our patients is our primary focus at The Wellness Plan. Providing outstanding care to our patients is our top priority and goal. To achieve this goal, the providers and patients must work together. This working together concept is the foundation for Patient Centered Medical Home.(PCMH)

Services, quality, sound financial management, and integrity are the cornerstones of our pursuit of excellence. It is our firm belief that these principles will determine our viability in the marketplace.

More Info

The Wellness Plan Medical Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and is a FTCA deemed facility.

The Wellness Plan (TWP) Medical Centers are among the most experienced Primary Care Medical Groups serving patients who have traditionally faced barriers to quality healthcare. This model creates a partnership between the physicians and patients in the management of their health care. Medicaid and under insured patients have always posed a challenge to the healthcare system. Special needs of literacy, cultural difference and access issues have made it difficult to receive the care needed.

The Wellness Plan Medical Centers were founded more than 35 years ago specifically to provide access to care for medically underserved populations as well as employer groups. Today TWP continues to carry out the mission of delivering quality primary care and human services to the residents of underserved neighborhood, in the City of Detroit.

The Wellness Plan own and operate three medical centers and pharmacies to serve the community and provide onsite services.

The Wellness Plan is committed to assisting Michigan residents with their health insurance needs. Please click here for more information.