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Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

The health and wellness of our patients is our primary focus at The Wellness Plan. Providing outstanding care to our patients is our top priority and goal. To achieve this goal, the providers and patients must work together. This working together concept is the foundation for Patient Centered Medical Home.


PROVIDER Responsibilities:

· Listen to my patients' questions and concerns to give appropriate response.

· Make the management and treatment plans for your condition easy to understand.

· Make sure all patients have a good understanding of all medications prescribed and their treatment plan and goals.

· To refer my patients as needed to a specialist in all fields and local hospitals.

· Make sure my patients receive medical care when the office is open, by providing Same Day Appointments and information about Urgent Care Centers when the office is closed.

· Give disease specific written educational materials to assist in self-management.


PATIENT Responsibilities:

· Ask questions about your illness and take an active role in your care.

· Give a detailed and honest history of your entire family.

· Give an update of any changes in your health each visit.

· Take all medications prescribed as directed by your provider, and provide information about OTC and Herbal Medications that you are taking.

· Keep all scheduled appointments with your provider and other specialist(s).

· Discuss and be involved in your treatment plan with your provider, follow orders as given.

· Call your provider first with medical problems, unless it is a medical emergency.

· Avoid using the Emergency Room in non-emergency situations. Instead use Urgent Care Facilities, lists are available upon request.

· Bring all discharge papers from Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits.

· Inform your provider of all self-referred visits, or special test(s). Bring documents when available.

· Provide personal email address for easy access and easy contact.


Click on the following link to read more information about PCMH, in the document Patient Centered Medical Home Patient-Provider Responsibilities

Click on the following link to view the list of Urgent Care or After Hours clinics which we refer to when we are closed, in the document TWP Urgent Care and After Hours List